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Joseph Pilates

Pilates is regenerative for the mind, body and soul, and I hope that the way I teach embodies just this. In our busy worlds we regularly forget about ourselves and our often neglected bodies.  Pilates is one way we can address stress, fitness and a healthy mind.  As Joseph Pilates himself said 'It is the mind itself which builds the body'.  

So what can you expect from a Pilates class?  Tightening, strengthening and lengthening of muscles and a stronger centre which in turn enables us to maintain a better posture.  All of this comes in the form of flowing movements, not only opening up the joints but also the lungs and airways through controlled breathing.  At the end of a class you will feel a beautiful balance of relaxation and physical exhaustion!

The story of Pilates is a fascinating and inspiring one, but more importantly it gives context to your practice. Find out more here.