'PNC' AKA Postnatal Confusion.

We are lucky as mothers and fathers today to have so much information at our fingertips...

Or are we?! It's a bit overwhelming isn't it? Especially as online articles, books or blogs will follow up with '...so that's my thoughts but seriously just trust your OWN instinct' Umm, yeah my instinct, ok cool I'll just do that then.

Hold on, what is my instinct?! Now I'm so confused by all the information I've been given that I'm wondering whether what I'm thinking is actually my instinct or just me being persuaded because of facts and figures or people that I respect and admire doing it a certain way, and me subconsciously thinking that MUST be the best way.

I'm sure I'm not alone, but I don't really have the answer, apart from locking yourself away in a dark room with your newly formed being and never looking at the TV, internet or actually any other human ever again. Ok byyyeeee....

Now that might be a bit extreme. In the era of marketing the shit out of everything, we have SO. MANY. CHOICES. And they all have names...Baby led vs Spoon fed : In the 80s this was called feeding your kid. And if they didn't use cutlery, they had finger food. Co-Sleeping vs Crib Sleeping : back in the day this was called getting your kid to sleep, whatever way that worked, on whatever night. Gina Ford or on demand...now seriously how does one make a tiny baby follow a routine before 8 weeks of more?? I am still fucking confused by that. But, fair play if it works for you and your little one.

So how do we cut through it all and find our instinct? Err, I actually don't have an answer..sorry, anti climax central. However, I will say this, what makes you as a parent happy?  If you're fine with no routine but feel pressured to conform to Lady Gina by the other NCT parents, that is where you follow the happiness, not the crowd.  If aint broke... But if you're feeling overwhelmed, the baby isn't content, you want some time to yourself and you're on the verge of throttling your partner, then consider making some changes, and ask for help.

I realise this isn't ground breaking stuff, but it's just a reminder not to get swept along with the crowd or the trends, and to simply identity what makes you tick as the best as the best parent and partner you can be. Because babies bring that shit out in us, and it's sometimes different to what we were expecting to be.

G x

This is a photo of our first born in a pot being weighed because we just could't be arsed to keep going down to the doctors. Good mum? Bad mum? Ingenious mum? Who knows!