Punk Me Up Pilates - Babies Welcome!

Location / Time

Fridays 1-2pm

Feb 24th - Mar 31st 2017

Block booking £8, drop in £10.

Punk Me Up Ceramics Cafe, 34 East Dulwich Road, SE22 9AX


You’ll need

A mat, bottle of water, small towel


These 45min weekly sessions at Punk Me Up Ceramics cafe are for all levels, focusing on improving muscle tone, strength, endurance and flexibility - all of which are needed in the bucket load for parents. Babies are welcome to watch or sleep through the class. We want to create a relaxed set up, so please don’t worry about your baby getting fussy.

You should float out of the session feeling invigorated yet relaxed, and ready for the afternoon ahead!

The safety stuff

- You must be at least 3 months postpartum with your 6 week GP check completed.

- In order to keep the space as clear as possible, please bring babies in car seats or feel free to contact me if your baby isn’t keen on being still for that long (like mine)! We can work something out.


Book your space below or call Gemma on 07929864084.

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